Hanga Roa

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Hanga Roa is the main town on Easter Island. Located in the southwest of Rapa Nui, between the Maunga Terevaka and Rano Kau volcanoes (inactive), a large number of the current inhabitants of the island (about 7,500 people) are concentrated here.
Atamu Tekena is its main street and it is a group of commerce, public buildings, services and hotel supply.
In the vicinity of Hanga Roa is the Mataveri International Airport, which receives practically all the tourists that visit the island. To this aerial terminal -constructed as of 1965-, regular flights arrive from the commercial company LAN (former Chilean national airline) from Santiago de Chile and Papeete.
Along with tourism, Hanga Roa develops fishing, agriculture, political administration and artistic activities of various kinds.
On the beaches near the cove of Hanga Roa ideal conditions for water sports are presented. They emphasize Papa Hanga Roa, Vai Uri, Tangaroa and Mataveri, where they practice, mainly, surf, windsurf and kitesurf.
In the area of ​​Tahai, north of Hanga Roa, there is the Padre Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum and three sacred platforms with their restored moai.
In the Parish Church of Hanga Roa it is possible to see figures carved in wood that testify to the mixture of the Catholic tradition with the local worldview. The image of Santa María de Rapa Nui stands out, patron saint and protector of the island, where the pascuense style of work with wood is clearly recognized.